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Past Presidents of The Rochester Bar Association

1973/1974: Gerald W. Behaylo

1974/1975: Roscoe R. Martin (D)

1975/1976: John H. Murphy (D)

1976/1977: (Missing Information)

1977/1978: (Missing Information)

1978/1979: (Missing Information)

1979/1980: (Missing Information)

1980/1981:  Hon. Mildred A. Vlaich (D)

1981/1982:  Paul E. Fitzsimmons (D)

1982/1983:  Roderick W. Martin

1983/1984:  Kenneth D. Bilodeau

1984/1985:  C. Martin Sibert

1985/1986:  Terry M. Carr (D)

1986/1987: James P. Colbert (D)

1987/1988: Dorothea A. Broman

1988/1989:  Randall L. Shepard

1989/1990:  John D. Cadieux

1990/1991: John P. Strayer

1991/1992: Joseph R. Daiek

1992/1993:  Elizabeth A. Sadowski

1993/1994: Robert M. Justin​​

1994/1995: Hon. Ralph H. Nelson​ (Em)

1995/1996:  Mary McCarthy Anderson (D)

1996/1997: John K. Maloney

1997/1998: John L. Kanaras

1998/1999: J. Douglas Otlewski

1999/2000:  Douglas A. Tull

2000/2001:  Matthew C. Brown

2001/2002:  Thomas J. Delpup

2002/2003:  Hon. Nancy T. Carniak

2003/2004:  Gregory M. Bereznoff

2004/2005: Scott J. Sumner

2005/2006: Hon. Lisa L. Asadoorian

2006/2007: James D. Hubbert

2007/2008: Jeffrey S. Kragt

2008/2009: Allen M. Wolf

2009/2010: Christopher E. McNeeley

2010/2011:  Hon. Julie A. Nicholson

​2011/2012:  Robert D. Sheehan

2012/2013: Boyd C. Farnam

2013/2014: Thomas J. Murphy

2014/2015: William S. Gottschalk

2015/2016: Shawn R. Cioffi​​

2016/2017: Martha J. ​​​Olijnyk

2017/2018: Kristen L. Robinson

2018/2019: Ray M. Toma

2019/2020: Edward M. Olson

2020/2021: Heather Atnip

2021/2022: Deborah E. Fordree

2022/2023: John F. Buckert

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The RBA does not endorse nor recommend any particular attorney that is listed in this site. All names and other listings are for informational purposes only.

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